Swimming pools Estreya Residence

Outdoor swimmingpool Outdoor swimmingpool Outdoor swimmingpool Indoor swimmingpool

Hotel guests are welcome to use two swimming pools situated in front of Estreya Residence terrace. Both of the swimming pools are sloping bottomed from 0.90m to 1.80m depth. There is also a 0.40m depth child swimming pool, representing separated section in one of the bigger pools. In Estreya SPA-Centre is situated the indoor swimming pool. It is rectangular shaped and is sloping bottomed from 1.50m to 1.70m, and for the good quality of the water is used innovative ozon system. The swimming pools, the lounges and umbrellas are free of charge for the Estreya Palace and Estreya Residence guests.

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Beaches in Sveti Konstantin

Beaches Svetin Konstantin
South beach

(1) The beach in front of Rubin Hotel is protected from the sea swell with coast reinforcements, which makes it quiet and still during the summer. Sand stripe is relative tight and in the early hours of the day is full with vacationists. It is slope bottomed and is relative secure for kids.

Beach in front of Delfin Hotel

(2) The beach in front of Dolfin Marina Hotel is not suitable for vacation with children. It is detached from the sea with concrete blocks, and the depth is more than 2m, but is interesting for beginners in diving. There are beach volleyball playgrounds and often used for competitions.

Classic beach

(3) This is the classic beach of Sveti Konstantin Resort. It is surrounded with concrete blocks and is exhibited direct on the north sea stream, and often is covered with algae. It is slope bottomed and is relative secure for kids.

Small beach

(4) The beach near the mineral outdoor pool is quiet and not full in summer saison. It is slope bottomed and is relative secure for kids.

Beach in front of Sirius Hotel

(5) Relative wide sand stripe, slope-bottomed, calm sea. On this beach the sun shines until 17:00,after that the beach stays in the shadows of the trees.

Wide beach

(6) The longest and the widest sand stripe in the resort, the sea is calm, and the sand is fine. Many sport attractions are offered here – parachute, jet ski, water wheel.